General sites:

Travel back to the 80's!

A "quality sites" directory. Dazeland is in it, you see.

Niou Taiknolog1e
An awesome blog.

Geek Vintage
Another awesome blog.

The Geek Theory
Third awesome blog!

Autour d'un Cafe
I'm gonna stay home today!

"Thousands of e-mails relating to false information are circulating on the network. Most of the time alarming, these messages are actually hoaxes." Instructive.

Cinema and music:

Erreurs de film
A great site (again) that identifies inconsistencies, editing blunders and easter eggs in movies.

Audio and video teasers of the most beautiful rubbishy films.

A Rock group which recycles old video games' beep-beeps.

Art and literature:

Crayon Noir
My sister's blog. Art inside.

Kek's creations, the author of "Virginie, une histoire qui sent la colle Cléopâtre" that I urge you to read on his website.

Online shop selling T-shirts for gamers. You can submit your own designs!

Pixel Joint
Pixel art!

Sprite Stitch
"Handmade arts and crafts with themes centered around the video game industry."

Le cafard cosmique
SF and fantasy books reviews.

L'arbre des possibles
A philosophical website devised by Bernard Werber (author of the novel The Ants) which outlines the likely future of humanity.

Games and games parodies:

Donjon de Naheulbeuk
A zany mp3 story parodying the RPGs.

Plus tard. . . .
A MMORPG parody this time.

Panpan Studio
For the MMORPG's lovers, satirical texts.

The Guild
"A web series about a group of online gamers." Hilarious!

A sort of online multiplayer game with garden gnomes.

"In asking you twenty questions, the great magician Akinator will try to guess which character you're think about. His picture will appear before your astonished eyes!"

Super Mario Bros. Crossover
A flash game that reminds me of my Mega Man theme on Dazeland main page. Play Super Mario Bros. with different characters from other famous NES games.

Stupid stuff:

This link could be placed in every section actually. It deals with everything (geeky): games, movies, science, books, trivia . . . This is the kind of site you spend the whole day on, and the night, and the next day!

Ian's Shoelace Site
Did you know that there are 2 trillion ways to lace your shoes? This site describes a few of them.

Go get your old Rubik's cube that's been mocking you for years. It's time for revenge!

Sous le catcheur
An old HTML guide and satirical stuff.

Flirt lessons, pipotron and other necessities.

Trou du Culz Hideout
"You too become a cyber-asshole."

In the same genre, the French version of the famous collection of chat rooms howlers. Hilarious!

L'affaire Goldorak
Here the investigation of the (last) century: why does Actarus make two successive half-turns when he goes from the saucer to the head of Grendizer? To date several hundred hypotesis recorded.

QALC: Questions A La Con
After the Grendizer controversy, other metaphysical questions.

Mon ami Vandamme
Another highly philosophical site. I apologize in advance for the brain breakdowns it may cause.

Sauvez Groquik
A tribute to former Nesquik ambassador. We miss you Groquik!

C'est n'importe quoi!

Ludicrous Flash games and videos.

Funny flash animations, especially 2 about Mega Man. . . .

Tradition demands that everything must end in music. I chose that.